Ladies and Gentlemen!
Catholic movement

"Houses of Prayer of St. John Paul II "

promotes and implements the words which St. John Paul II gave to the world after his death:

"I'm looking for people who would found Houses of Prayer of my name, at least 100 houses for the diocese."

Welcome to the brief summary and feel invited to cooperate in fulfilling the spiritual task.

Holy Spirit inspire us, the love of God consume us, lead us the right way. Mother Mary look down on us, with Jesus bless us. From all evil, from all illusion, from all danger, save us. Amen.

JPII predicted the sufferings of the Church and the modern world

  In 1981 JPII asked in Fulda about the third Mystery of Fatima said to the Germans: "We must soon get prepared to withstand the great things that will require us to be ready, even to lose our lives and devote all of ourselves to Christ and for Christ".

"How many times renewal of the Church was bathed in blood? This time, it will not be any different. Through your and my prayers it is possible to mitigate this trial, but it is not possible to reverse it, because only in this way, the Church might be saved".

The Church in blood


Ongoing persecution of Christians in the world include: cruel forms of death, brutal beatings, burning of churches, homes, expelling from the previous places of residence, intimidation, economical terror.

Rejection of God

  European Union has rejected an appeal to God in the Constitutional Treaty. Religious and moral crisis in Europe includes: the change in the definition of the family, public ridiculing, stigma and fight with the values recognized by Christians such as the protection of life and objection to abortion and gay unions, the glorification of sex and temporary freedoms, the increase in crime and corruption among the younger generation, the loss of national traditions.
In addition: ridiculing faith and Christian values, removing crucifixes from public space, desecrating religious symbols in art or advertising, occultism and magic.

Violence, suffering and uncertainty


Ruined city and people queuing for bread. (Picture-Reuters Agency)

A political crisis and a global threat is growing. War violence is poured with a huge wave of hatred from the Arab countries and other parts of the world. Global economic cooperation is breaking, military spending is increasing and a politician no longer gives his hand to another politician.

The last days?

Isaiah - 17, 1: "Damascus will cease to be a city, it will become a heap of ruins".

     St Faustina (1938): When I prayed for Poland, I heard these words: "special love for Poland ... From her will come the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming." That "spark" is referred to a person of JPII.

 Servant of God Rozalia Celakówna. The year of 1938. The voice in my soul during a vision of a broke globe : "There will come a terrible disaster to the world ... My child, it will happen if the mankind will not turn to God".

The year of 1939. The voice in my soul in prayer for Poland: "Jasna Gora is the capital of Mary. Through Mary Son of God came to save the world and also through Mary Polish salvation will come through Enthronement".

The call of Our Lady of Kibeho in Africa (1981-1989)

  Apparitions of our Lady of Kibeho (Rwanda) are the first Marian apparitions officially recognized by the Church in the history of Africa.

Mary: "When I appear to someone and talk to them, I turn to the whole world. If I now turn to the parish of Kibeho ... I think about the whole world and turn to it".

"Convert while there is still time ... The world hastens to its ruin… If you do not repent and do not convert your hearts, you will fall into the abyss".

What do the tears of Mary mean? Why is the Lady crying?


Niżankowice 2005                       Buenos  Aires 2013                  Syktywkar 2014
Ukraine                                          Argentina                                             Russia

In 1979 John Paul II said: "If Mary cries, it means that she has the reason to do so!"
In 1994, when visiting the Sanctuary of Weeping Madonna in Syracuse, the Pope said:


"My mother cries when children are threatened by evil, either spiritual or physical. Mary's tears always participate in Christ's tears over Jerusalem".

JPII's cure for misery and evil:
"We have to be strong and prepared to face the approaching trials. We need to trust Christ and His Blessed Mother and to be zealous in praying the Rosary, very zealous ".

At the end of the conversation in Fulda, the Pope took the rosary and said:"Here's the cure for misery, evil. Pray and do not ask for anything else. Trust our Lady. "