Certificate of House of Prayers



"Is the lamp must be filed in order to put it under a bushel, or under the bed? Is not the

is to bet on a candlestick? Mk 4.21

Anyone who belongs to the "DM St. JPII" proves that his faith lamp stands high on a candlestick. Says that his spiritual connection with JPII is special.

We want to be quoted appreciation certificates for those who wish to fly this route to become a lamp Christ.
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03/10/2015 Houses of prayer of John Paul II.
Found out about them a few months ago, encouraged a few people still come takers. I hope that there will be 100 in the diocese. I cordially greet. Krystyna

02.22.2015. Sophia S. -diecezja detroicka-US

I am a single House of Prayer. I pray the same for a few years, but as of today, I want to belong to the Community House of Prayer of John Paul II. I pray for the intentions of the House of Prayer. as well as for healing Tz mental disorders and improving life, to regain health and fitness and mental O. after the accident.

02-19.2015 Elizabeth B .diecezja Lublin

Since October 2014 years, I pray for the intentions of the instructions provided on the back of the picture, which I received from my friend. Today I submit my official participation and I am delighted that these "houses" were created, because I really longed for our Holy Father, and now again I feel the presence of St. Pope John Paul II in my life :) God Bless

16. 02.2015 Krystyna - diec.siedlecka

God Bless
I would like to join the Catholic Movement through prayer and spiritual unity of the given intention.
Greet with the blessing of God.

7. 02. 2015
Saving the House of Prayer of Pope John Paul II. Please pray for the healing of the son, grandson, brother and me, for the grace of faith and return to the Sacraments Saints son, daughter, family of adherence to God's blessing and mercy of God for the Polish and the world. Krystyna